We are now adding in some new game play mechanics into some of the events. These game play mechanics are not always going to be present at every event, however, they’re fun additions that can be added as needed by event organizers to keep the events fun, interesting and the players on their toes:

30 Seconds Out

Everything is more fun when deploying from a vehicle! “30 Seconds Out” can be integrated into any of the stages but most successfully with the Target Down Speed Stage. It begins with all four players seated in a truck (plus a RSO as the driver). When ready, the vehicle drives up and stops 30 yards from the stage. The RSO will ask if the team is ready then begins the timer to start the stage. As soon as the players hear the starting beep, they can deploy from the vehicle, engage any targets they see between the vehicle and objective, make entry into the building clear out all targets. They need to find the “hostage” (weight bag) inside, and extract it back to the truck to stop the timer.

Breacher Up! and Interrogation!

Both “Breacher Up” and “Interrogation” are promo’s for two new gameplay mechanics that can be integrated into any Target Down Par Time Stage. In this scenario one of the team’s players will give all his/her guns to another teammate. The now unarmed player is escorted into the stage/building with a black hood over the head and is seated in a room inside the building, holding onto a chain or some rope behind their back simulating that they’re restrained and is now a “hostage” (but not actually tied, and not actually interrogated). When the buzzer goes off that is the cue for the outside team of three players to breach the door (seen in the Breacher Up clip). Simultaneously, the hostage “breaks free” of his/her bonds, pulls off the hood, finds a gun in the room and neutralizes all the targets before time is up. If successful, the now freed hostage will exit that room and link up with the rest of the team in a nearby room who will have his/her guns and then they can clear out the rest of the Target Down Par Time Stage (TDPT) together as a team.

* It should be noted that the Breaching and Interrogation gameplay mechanics do not both have to take place at an event. While both are fun, especially when conducted simultaneously, an event can just have a ballistic breach on an exterior door during the TDPT stage.

The same robust DAS game mechanics, but now with a couple additional layers of exciting fun!

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