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While we currently don’t penalize players for poor muzzle discipline while participating within the DAS stages, we here at Dynamic Action Sport are firm believers that it’s important for players to maintain good gun safety while outside the stages and that they try to be mindful of it while in the stages. DAS’ Alex and Jeff made a video on PTS’ behalf reminding players, that while airsoft guns do not fire live rounds like their real firearm counterparts, it’s paramount that players treat them with the respect that they are due. Afterall, even though airsoft guns are not capable of deadly force, they can injure yourself and others if used irresponsibly or without appropriate safety gear. Please take a minute to watch this video and remind yourself (and others) of the importance of the Four Gun Safety Rules and that it applies regardless of whether you’re using a real gun or an airsoft gun :


We are now adding in some new game play mechanics into some of the events. These game play mechanics are not always going to be present at every event, however, they’re fun additions that can be added as needed by event organizers to keep the events fun, interesting and the players on their toes:

30 Seconds Out

Everything is more fun when deploying from a vehicle! “30 Seconds Out” can be integrated into any of the stages but most successfully with the Target Down Speed Stage. It begins with all four players seated in a truck (plus a RSO as the driver). When ready, the vehicle drives up and stops 30 yards from the stage. The RSO will ask if the team is ready then begins the timer to start the stage. As soon as the players hear the starting beep, they can deploy from the vehicle, engage any targets they see between the vehicle and objective, make entry into the building clear out all targets. They need to find the “hostage” (weight bag) inside, and extract it back to the truck to stop the timer.

Breacher Up! and Interrogation!

Both “Breacher Up” and “Interrogation” are promo’s for two new gameplay mechanics that can be integrated into any Target Down Par Time Stage. In this scenario one of the team’s players will give all his/her guns to another teammate. The now unarmed player is escorted into the stage/building with a black hood over the head and is seated in a room inside the building, holding onto a chain or some rope behind their back simulating that they’re restrained and is now a “hostage” (but not actually tied, and not actually interrogated). When the buzzer goes off that is the cue for the outside team of three players to breach the door (seen in the Breacher Up clip). Simultaneously, the hostage “breaks free” of his/her bonds, pulls off the hood, finds a gun in the room and neutralizes all the targets before time is up. If successful, the now freed hostage will exit that room and link up with the rest of the team in a nearby room who will have his/her guns and then they can clear out the rest of the Target Down Par Time Stage (TDPT) together as a team.

The same robust DAS game mechanics, but now with a couple additional layers of exciting fun!

DAS EVENT: November 2014 – Fullerton, CA

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DAS USA Event November 2014


FIRST PLACE : Rogue Co. 1

SECOND PLACE : Airsplat 1

THIRD PLACE : Rogue Co. 2



G&G Armament

Bolt Airsoft

Pierre Cain – Home Depot


Krav Maga Institute

And, now that the event is complete, we can share the floor plans used for the FOLLOWING STAGES :

Target Down Par Time Stage

Target Down Speed Stage

Marksmanship Skill Test Stage


DAS’ Alex Ko during a DAS Preview night introducing prospective players to DAS:

DAS USA Event November 2014

Various pics from the day of the DAS Event:

DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014

The hard earned winners patches:

DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014
DAS USA Event November 2014

DAS uses Rogue Fitness Weight Bags (can be loaded up to 80 lbs) as simulated VIPs/Hostages/Packages:

DAS USA Event November 2014

The DAS Targets have two separate hit zones allowing shooters to engage each zone individually without concerns of the other zone being flipped prematurely. In some cases we might tape up the chest hit zone forcing players to engage the top zone. These targets have garnered enough interest that we will be selling them very soon:

DAS USA Event November 2014

FAQ For this event:

This is the First Official DAS USA Event. Ever.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014 (8am – 3pm)
Location: Tac City South — 2430 Artesia Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833

Cost: $120 per team. You basically need 4 people per team and are allowed 2 alternates on your roster. You CAN do the entire event with two to three people but you will be at a disadvantage on some stages.

How to Sign Up:


1. Send $120 in PayPal payment to:
(**In the PayPal payment notes, please remember to write your Team Name**)

This is first come, first served and your entry is not secured until we have received payment.
There are only 15 team slots allowed for this first event, so sign up quick!

2. Fill out and submit the mandatory DAS General Waiver


# of Teams: 10 (minimum) – 15 (maximum). 15 teams max might not seem like a whole lot but we’re focused on the quality of the event rather than pushing hundreds of people through the event. 15 teams is actually quite a number of teams and people to organize and get them through all the stages in a safe, efficient and fun way.

Q. Tac City South? So will you be using the pre-existing structures there?
A. Tac City South is definitely a fun place to play and fantastic for an indoor CQB field. However, as is, it is not suitable for DAS which primarily focuses on room to room CQB clearing. Which is why we’re excited about bringing our own room structures to Tac City! Sonny and the Tac City crew have been very helpful in accommodating us and our location needs in this matter. The DAS crew have been hard at work on developing a modular room structure that allows us to create a series of connected rooms out of PVC pipes and fixtures and thick tarps to wrap each room. The benefit of this setup is that it allows us to setup and breakdown the stages quickly, and being modular allows us to reconfigure the room layouts so that no two floor plans for any subsequent event will ever be the same.

Q. So room clearing … just how many rooms?
A. A single DAS stage at this first USA event will have 14 interconnected rooms! We’re basically utilizing half of the entire warehouse space available at Tac City for this event. The average size of each room is about 15 feet x 15 feet. That said, there will be some L-shaped rooms, long rooms, small/short rooms, hallways. Rooms will have a mixture of corner fed rooms and center fed rooms with lots of dead space. If any of that sounds like Greek to you, basically: there’s a lot of room layout variety and some rooms may be more challenging than others depending on the configuration and targets, but every room will be FUN.

Q. Projectile Velocity?
Since this event is not force on force, the regulations for velocity is more loose. Typically this is location specific. We will need to get final confirmation from Tac City regarding what they are comfortable with since their fps is based on force on force scenarios and ours is against reactive targets.

Q. What do participants receive?
A. You mean aside from being a part of the first ever Official USA DAS Event AND the opportunity to proclaim you’ve beat out all other teams in such a unique competition? Well, winning teams will receive an exclusive winners patch (Gold, Silver, and Bronze depending on where the top three teams place) and a winners award. The First Place Team will have their name engraved onto a plaque that will be added to an official DAS Trophy. This Trophy will continue to have other winning team names engraved at subsequent DAS events. Your team’s name could be the first team to adorn this trophy! We will have broad media coverage of the event — media, videographers, and ARMS Magazine (a major Japanese Airsoft Magazine) will all be present.

All participants will receive a DAS patch, an event specific Rocker Patch showing participation in this first ever event, and will be entered into a raffle for one of many prizes from our sponsors. Prizes range from AEGs, GBBRs and other popular accessories!

Q. Age Restrictions?
A. We’ve decided to make the minimum age 12 years old. It’s not common to see participants this young, but the few who have participated in past events have always conducted themselves in a professional and mature manner (often more-so than adults 3 times their age). Regardless of age, all participants are expected to behave appropriately at all times while at the venue.

Participants 12-14 years of age:
Individuals under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, and while the parent/guardian do not have to participate in the sport (though we do encourage it) they do need to stay on premises at all times.

Participants 15-17 years of age:
Individuals aged 15 to 17 years old, are not required to have a parent or guardian on premises but must have a signed consent form upon arrival.