DAS EVENT: JULY 25th 2015 – Fullerton, CA



DAS USA Event 2

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*Event Information*

Dynamic Action Sport continues to evolve with this next event. The same fun game mechanics DAS has been known for, but now, with another exciting new twist and addition!


Identify your targets!

We introduced target identification during the last couple events. This time it’s back with a vengence. Not only will there be no-shoot targets by way of reversed IPSC cardboard targets, but now there will be more target identifying features that will force participants to further scan, assess and problem solve like never before!

Designated marksman

Completely new to DAS, we’re introducing the designated marksman role. One of the team players uses his/her long gun (doesn’t have to be a specific DMR rifle) to engage targets at distance prior to the team being able to move in. If the designated marksman can make the par time, the team gets extra time in the first room. If not … well it’s going to be close! Make sure your sights are zeroed!

“Breacher Up” is back!

“Breacher Up” was a real hit at the last event and gave participants an exciting level of immersion not experienced before in prior events. We’ve brought it back but this time it’ll require even more team cohesion and coordination to pull off and survive the stage.

For those not in the know, “Breacher Up” is a game mechanic in the Target Down Par Time Stage and/or Target Down Speed Stage. In this scenario, the team approaches the building and prepares to breach the door (as seen in the Breacher Up clip). Upon the commencement of the starting timer the team must breach the exterior door and make entry, neutralizing all shoot targets in the first room (and trying not to engage any no-shoot targets) within the allotted time limit. Clearing the first room within the par time means all players can move onto the next room. Failure … and you loose a player for the remainder of that stage!

The same robust DAS game mechanics, but now with a couple additional layers of exciting fun! This will be an event not to be missed. Time is running out, team spots are running out, so sign up soon! Info in the flier at the top ^

This event will take place : Saturday, July 25th, 2015 (8am – 3pm)
Location: Tac City South — 2430 Artesia Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833

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